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    • I should be thinking about stars tomorrow and stars will flash and flash of lightning will appear and I will think that it is good. 9 years ago
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Exercise: to make a questions.

Posted by riskland on June 1, 2009

Have the sales dropped?
How it is possible to buy the elite house or flat by credit?
Are you going to the Spain this summer?
Did the real wedding get on in TV-show “Dom-2”?
What surprises are waiting for funs of Siava’s creativity?
Will the economy education help to fight crisis?
What a girls are liked to Danny?
Why the rest in Hungary is profitable now?
The ruble strengthening is good or bad matter?
Is the week-end job praiseworthy (laudable act) now?


2 Responses to “Exercise: to make a questions.”

  1. Monella said

    good questions:) What was the task here? to ask questions about some topic or what?

  2. riskland said

    It is games of my mind :0))
    I tried to find yesterday the sign “?” in the Web and then had translated the first ten results in English. It is more interesting than translate smth from exercise book.

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