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    • I should be thinking about stars tomorrow and stars will flash and flash of lightning will appear and I will think that it is good. 9 years ago
    • I was tired of thinking about turnover drop when stars lighted... 9 years ago
    • I was thinking about stars when my bookkeeper report me about turnover drop... 9 years ago
    • I thought about stars... 9 years ago
    • I am thinking... 9 years ago

Exercise 243, Gol…

Posted by riskland on June 1, 2009

1. We have brought a lot of berries from the wood. Now we shall make jam.
2. Look! Jane is swimming across the river.
3. What were you are doing at six o’clock yesterday?
4. Have you ever seen the Pyramids?
5. I went to the Caucasus two years ago.
6. We go to school every day.
7. Nick was doing had done his homework by seven o’clock yesterday.
8. Will you help your father tomorrow?
9. When Nick came home yesterday, his mother had returned and was cooking dinner in the kitchen.
10. When I went was going to school yesterday, I suddenly remembered that I have had forgotten to take my English exercise book.
11. Yesterday grandfather told us how he had worked at the factory during the war.
12. When Mr and Mrs Smith arrived home, they discovered that someone had broken into their house.
13. The man have gotten got off the bus without paying while the conductor collected was collecting fares upstairs.


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