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Exercise 225, Gol…

Posted by riskland on May 24, 2009

Start 22:34
1. I have just had breakfast.
2. He has already had breakfast [already].
3. We haven’t had breakfast yet [still].
4. They are still drinking tea in the canteen [still].
5. I have already done my homework [already].
6. He is still doing his homework [still].
7. We have had three lessons today.
8. They have just had a meeting.
9. She hasn’t yet read this book [still].
10. She is still reading [still].
11. Who has [have] written it (one, this)?
12. What have you written to him?
13. I have just been to the [with a] dentist and I am feeling [myself] [more] a lot better.
14. He is lying [has said a lie] (untruth)]. He hasn’t done his [a] homework yet.
15. Why isn’t he eating dinner? – He is still talking to [with] his friend on the phone.
16. Where has hidden this lazy (idle) cat? Here it is sleeping near a fireplace (furnace).
Where has that lazy cat disappeared to? She is over there. She is sleeping in front of the fireplace.
17. Wait for me! I haven’t [hasn’t] taken [a] money.
18. She is still [just] typing her [his] article.
19. We haven’t seen her for a long time (long ago).
20. The grandparents [Grandmother and grandfather] have already visited their grandchilds/grandsons.
21. Now they are sitting in the drawing room and talking about their trip (jorney).
22. Have you ever been to [in] Africa?
23. He has done everything for her. Now he is going to buy her a house [for her].
24. The (performance) concert hasn’t yet [still] begun [started] and we are sitting in the hall and discussing our problems.
25. The time has come [became] to talk of many things [about everything].
Lesson has over in 23:26, 52 minutes past.
Corrected 25.05.2009


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