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My strange dreams

Posted by riskland on May 23, 2009

085_pics A very strange occasion happened with me last night.
To see some dreams isn’t an ordinary thing for me and I can say even more – it happens very rarely. Usually I sleep like a wood log at night and then I see a new day at once. Sometimes I see some dreams but usually it is a very poor picture. Eventually I don’t remember anything in the morning. At least nothing legible to tell my wife.
But this night I have seen enough logical dreams to my surprise. I enumerate all strange features in the dream:
1. The action took place in Netherland.
2. I discussed with an invisible interlocutor about nowadays economic crisis logically enough. I described him the structure of virtual mental model of this crisis. To illustrate it I offered to use a math equation or a system equations as an image of crisis, for example:
3. Z_old = aX + bY (a > b, i.e. X is a more important factor) – as it is an equation of ordinary mental universum and this equation remains the same in the mind when the universum is exchaning;
4. Z_new = bX + aY – another equation appeares in the universum hurt by the crisis but mental universum doesn’t mention it.
5. Let’s imagine mental universum as a Spiderman who is hidding in the web. At the time of the crisis he doesn’t notice some important things and tries to solve trifle matters because the web transfers signals with very bad mistakes. And the Spiderman was urged to use an old model. He considers X the most important factor (a > b, as before the crisis) and doesn’t pay attention to other essential events (b > a, as we must really look at this events now).
6. There were other strange things in my dreams. For example we discussed new weapon by name “scarekey“ or “scarequeue”. What is it? I don’t know… I have forgotten.
When I told my dream to my wife she said that I am probably a very interesting case for existential psychology researchers.


One Response to “My strange dreams”

  1. Monella said

    Wow:)!!!! sounds exciting and kind of complicated:) this dream is worse than my experimental economy lectures at school, almost a nightmare;)…I’ve always known that I’ve had a genious Dad 😀

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